How to invest 1000 dollars in the most profitable way: 2 E-Banking

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It is time to get down to work, today we will talk about the very important issues for your investment.

Online banking: a great alternative

1. Revolut:

Discover, for example, the Revolut bank in England. Save your money, for example, in pounds sterling, dollars, Swiss francs, and yen. Revolut offers 150 types of coins at no charge to secure your capital. This online bank also offers you an instant analysis of all your expenses to better manage your budget. Other aspect ? which has nothing to do with securing or maximizing profits, nor with the main question, how to invest 1000? , but who does not lack class? is that the bank card provided by Revolut is made of metal. In just a few clicks, you can create your Revolut account, provide your legal information, and you're done.

2. Nexus:

Therefore, Revolut online banking is the best alternative to secure your safety fund. Now let's see how to maximize your chances of earning more apart from how to invest 1000, growing this security fund. One of the best alternatives currently available is the use of the Nexo platform. This is a great online bank that is far better than traditional banks in all fairness. With these, the goal is to put your money in a bank account and get a bank card, unlike Nexo. In fact, the latter offers you the possibility to grow your money. By choosing to place your money in your account on this platform, you will be able to enjoy significant interests.

A small simulation of the 6,000 resulting from the 6 mandatory monthly payments saved gives us an interest of 10%. Recognize that this is not bad at all! The 10% interest is actually much more interesting than your current savings, which earns you an interest rate of 0.5%, or next to nothing. This means that at the end of the year, your 6,000 will generate an additional 600 to reach 6,600 ?. You should know at this time that you have the possibility of earning an average of 1.78 per day on this platform, or around 40 per month. And it is fantastic! You earn money every day without lifting a finger! You should know that Nexo is an approved and fully regulated financial institution. That means your money is safe.

Invest in an anti-crisis investment: gold

Now let's dive into the nitty-gritty, that is, how to invest 1000? and obtain the best possible profitability. It is critical to protect this money from the fast approaching monetary and economic crisis. Your 1000 shouldn't bear the brunt of current inflation. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in an anti-crisis security, which is none other than gold. In your 1000s, consider investing an average of 10-20% in physical gold. For what reason ? Simply because in the event of a crisis or inflation, gold is the ideal safe haven, as its value continues to grow. You can also invest a bit in physical silver. After that, it all depends on your capital, but physical silver is just an option and not a bond unlike gold.

There are many places where you can purchase physical gold. Keep in mind that it is very easy to buy physical gold. It's like placing a simple order on the Internet. To store your gold, you have two options: keep it at home, in a well hidden place. However, your gold protection will need to be added to your home insurance. The second solution is to store your gold in a safe in Switzerland. When placing an order on gold buying sites, you can have it delivered directly to your home, in a safe.

In the next installment we will enter the world of cryptocurrencies, do not miss it.

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