How to finance a project with crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding is a form of collective financing in which a group of people contribute small amounts of money to support a project or idea.

To obtain external financing through crowdfunding, the following steps must be followed:

1. Create a crowdfunding campaign: The first stage to obtain external financing through crowdfunding is to create a campaign on an online platform specialized in this type of financing. This involves developing a description of the project, setting a funding goal and a time frame for reaching it, and sharing information about how the money will be used.

2. Promote the campaign: Once the campaign has been created, it is important to promote it so that it reaches a greater number of people. This can be done through social networks, email, the media, among other channels.

3. Receive contributions: During the campaign period, interested people can contribute money through the crowdfunding platform. It is important to keep investors informed about the progress of the project and how the money is being used.

4. Reach the funding goal: If the amount necessary to meet the funding goal set in the campaign is raised, the money will be transferred to the project creator so that they can use it as planned. If the target is not met, the money is returned to investors.

Here are some crowdfunding platforms:

Kickstarter: It is a collective financing platform that focuses on creative projects, such as movies, books, music, games, among others.

Indiegogo: It is a crowdfunding platform that allows project creators to receive financing from investors interested in supporting them.

GoFundMe: It is a collective financing platform that is used to raise money for personal or community causes.

Crowdfunder: It is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on business projects and allows investors to obtain a stake in the companies in which they invest.

Patreon: It is a crowdfunding platform that is used to support content creators, such as artists, musicians, writers, among others.

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